Electrical Switches

Lockcraft offers a variety of automotive electrical switches that will meet the demands of the most severe applications. Whether you are looking for a headlamp switch, a push-pull switch, a toggle switch, an ignition switch, a universal switch or an electrical light switch/pigtail, our catalog products have a solution for your application. Download our electrical products catalog today or contact us for additional information.

Electrical Switch Features

  • OEM Electrical Switch

    Product Review

    Each product has been reviewed and verified to fit within its standard application, as intended by the OEM.

  • High quality Electrical Switch

    High Grade Materials

    All products are manufactured from high grade materials such as engineered thermoplastics, high strength zinc, copper conductors, and insulated wire intended to withstand temperature extremes and electrical loads.

  • Rust Proof Electrical Switch

    Designed To Resist

    Designed to resist environmental extremes, and exposure to various contaminants including oil, grease and most automotive solvents.

  • Lockcraft Electrical Switch

    Match OEM Requirements

    Lockcraft electrical components are guaranteed to match the form, fit, and functional requirements intended by the OEM.



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